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Why You Need to Have a Bluetooth Headset

There has been a lot of growth in this new millennium in terms of technology. This has come with a lot of convenience and also excellence in design and style. There is no exception when it comes to headphones.
Initially, the available headphones used to be the ones with long wires. These days are far gone. Currently, we have both wired, wireless. Furthermore, we have the even trendier Bluetooth headsets. These are amazing pieces of technology that anyone who wants to enjoy their music needs to consider having. In case you have been looking for a reason to throw away your old ear buds, then the reason lies in these Bluetooth headphones.
The highlight of the modern Bluetooth headphones is the fact that they produce superb audio quality. Most, if not all of them have noise cancellation options for you to choose from. They go for reasonable costs. There are some which have prices that fall in the higher end, but the only reason for this is the fact that their quality and noise cancellation attribute is state-of-the-art. When talking about audio quality, you need to consider the sound at both ends of the lines. Despite the common saying, do not think that price always is the determining factor for having a quality headphone.
More advanced Bluetooth headsets include those which use A2DP Bluetooth profile. This is a profile that is primarily for the streaming of sound from a computer, mobile phone, MP3 player and any other A2DP Bluetooth transmitter. This standard Bluetooth protocol takes care of the call when you connect your device to a phone. When receiving a call, the sound of the stereo pauses and continues to pause as you talk on the phone. After the call is ended, it starts automatically. The quality of the audio ranges from good to excellent; which is comparable to high quality wired headphones. In case you would like to stream music from your phone, you need to determine whether your phone contains an A2DP Bluetooth profile.
There are different ways that can be used to recharge Bluetooth headphones. This can be done by either the use of a main adapter or a computer or laptop using a USB cable. It can also be charged through the lighter or lower socket in a car. There are power chargers which can charge both your headset and your phone. Also, there are modern versions which have multi-point connectivity.
In case you have multiple phones for example an office phone and a personal phone, you can pair the phones with a Bluetooth headset. This headset will respond to the phone which receives a call first and then you can be able to transfer it to the second phone with which you want the call received.
There are versions of Bluetooth headphones that offer a voice dialing facility. These are considered very safe and secure when used by someone who is driving. You only need to set up some sound tags on your phone and then activate voice dialing on the headset by simply pressing a button.
Finally, there are some which have a call alert option. This is a feature that is very useful when not wearing the Bluetooth headphones and your phone is set to silent mode. It can also be used when your phone is in a place where you cannot hear it ringing.


Call Logging - Improving Customers Relations By Streamlining Information

Over the past several years, technology has come a long way toward helping customer relations between both companies and their wide range of customers. The automotive industry is now enjoying the same customer relationship improvements other industries have begun to employ, all in one converged, web-enabled productivity suite. While there are several packages from which to choose, the idea is the same across the board; to improve customer relations and increase productivity. This is, of course, no surprise since the automotive industry is among those who have used computer-based system as the core of their work, installing computers in cars that provide various options to drivers.

Because many companies are now using such a system, it has become an affordable, comprehensive communications solution that provides this industry with several tools and benefits that will help increase customer awareness, and with that, sales.

Other benefits include: increased service traffic, a reduction in advertising costs, workforce optimization and process execution, and an overall improved bottom line. This is done through the software as it tracks and manages advertising response, records telephone conversations and network screen activity, provides instant wireless desktop messaging, call accounting and reporting of phone system activity, automated dialing options for customers, and promotes contact and updating of campaigns. Other advantages are speech-based call routing, which can help decrease call time and increase real-time customer relations. This works to facilitate overall customer contact and activity reporting by cutting down on the time it takes to receive the desired feedback between the time of the sale and initial contact.

This type of software has been test in many automotive retail outlets and is designed specifically for a web-based system. This makes it easy for employees to access this information virtually any time, anywhere, and can help facilitate a faster turn-around. Customers will also enjoy the ease of use, while still having ample opportunity to speak directly to a dealer. Customers will still be able to ask questions and obtain information as easily as before, with these added benefits.

Employees will also be able to keep up with customer information, and through that, can update customers on new products and features available. The same is true for other services as well, as they will be more easily maintained. Through this, overall customer relations can be improved, as other options are added. The objective is to target the customer, and that is exactly what this industry is striving to do.


Social Media Marketing Do's and Don'ts

Social media marketing is an all-encompassing term that is batted around the Internet these days in a very willy-nilly fashion.

There are lots of "gurus" who claim to know their stuff and can show you the promised land on how to make a mountain of profits with zero advertising costs by using their social media marketing techniques or their social marketing tactics.

Unfortunately, most of these "gurus" show you no proof nor any pictures or video evidence of campaigns they've run in the social media space which successfully made these millions and millions of dollars they claim you'll make by using their process.

Caveat emptor definitely applies on the Internet.

It's a big bad world out there and you've got to consider the source of who you're going to take advice and training from.

The simple rule I use is for anyone to give me advice they have to have achieved what I want to achieve already. This way I know they know their stuff and by following them I should get similar results to what they've already gottten.

All too often on the Internet though it's easy to get hyped up and excited by a sales message and just act on that impulse to buy. This can get you in trouble though.

Whenever you're looking at buying something, any kind of training material it's always best to do a search with that training package name and the word "scam" or the product name plus "reviews".

I know this is basic day one type of stuff but it's very important and all too often overlooked. You want to know the reputation of the person selling you the stuff and get any reviews from people who've bought and used it.

Now I'm going to give you your start with social media marketing.

The first thing you have to understand is it's a completely different space than regular advertising formats. Most people would argue you shouldn't even do any marketing in this type of space because the people are there for socializing and to connect with friends.

This creates a unique challenge and absolutely demands a different type of marketing than the blatant advertisements you see in banner ads and on paper click campaigns like Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Network, and MSN Adcenter along with all the smaller PPC places.

The biggest thing in the social space is establishing your reputation and your personal brand. These people don't want to see a bunch of corporate sales pitches.

You want to allow your personality to emerge in your communications.

Some of the things you can do depending on the site is provide valuable content and information the people you want to connect with would be interested in.

So at the start you want to target and make friends with influencers in your market and start making friends with people interested in that topic. You can do this by searching groups which encompass your topic area and make friends with members of those groups obviously.

Once you have this down you can start to ask some of your friends what information they're interested in and what's missing from the information which is out there and available to them.

Then of course you provide that information in multiple formats including text notes and article posts, audio podcast, and video trainings/how to video tutorials.

I can see you may be starting to whine saying "it sounds like a lot of work".

It does take some upfront investment in order to get some returns out the back end.

You can think of the social media space as a bank. You have to put money in before you can take money out. When your bank account goes into a negative you have problems.

It's the same in the social media space in that you've got to give value and establish yourself and your brand before you can sell stuff and take money out.

So start out giving good valuable information and encourage people to comment. Encourage them to ask you for more information and then when they do so you can send them a link to your sales letter.

This has gone over very well when I've used this tactic and it's also worked very well for my friends who've used it. It works far better than just shoving a link in someone's face.

You follow these basics and you'll be well on your way to establishing a quality presence and getting valuable interaction and value exchange from your social media marketing efforts.


Set Up Your Home Office

If you're one of the lucky few who can work from home you will know the joy of skipping the commute to work. Being a successful home worker takes discipline and commitment, it's far too easy to switch on the TV or spend an extra 20 minutes in bed if you don't have an angry boss watching the clock. Many people are envious of the self employed workers who spend their days working from their living room but setting up a successful business from home takes a lot of organisation and dedication.

When you work from home you need to have a space that you can clearly define as an office. Distinguishing the line between business and leisure time is important so make sure you can close the door on your workspace for the day. Choose an area in your home where you won't be disturbed by family members or excess noise. A spare room is often a great option for an office but if you're pushed for space try to establish a specific room you can use daily, make sure you hide away your TV, any games stations and magazines so your time won't be spent playing instead of working.

Many people who work from home often find themselves working extra hours in the evenings and can quickly forget how to relax and take time for themselves. Try to establish specific working hours that you are able to stick to so you don't find yourself constantly in work mode. If clients are forever calling you for updates on the progress of their project then set up a specific business telephone line with an answering service so you won't get disturbed once you sign off for the day.

When setting up your home office make sure to invest in a good desk where you can house all your materials and organise a filing system so your documents are easy to access. Make sure you have everything you need to function daily so you don't find yourself running out for errands every day, eating into your precious work time. If you have a home computer make sure you have insurance for it, just in case anything goes wrong with your system you can be back up and running in no time.

Having everything you need to present yourself well will impress your clients and help you find new business so if you work in design or regularly need to make up professional presentations invest in some photo printers so you don't have to worry about outsourcing expensive materials. Make sure you always have an extra stock of printing paper and business cards for all those last minute jobs that may come your way.

However you want to design your home office taking care of the practical aspects of your business will set you up so you are ready to work from home as soon as you win that all important commission.


Productivity And The Right Office Environment

The office environment and the furniture in that office play a vital function in the productivity of that office. It also exerts a colossal influence on the well-being of the office workers which will also have a big effect on productivity.

People need to be given the right tools if they are to be expected to do a job properly and in an office environment, the various pieces of furniture are some of the tools.

So, you, the boss, may think that you are saving money by purchasing cheap or second-hand tables and chairs, but that decision could cost you in lost productivity for the next ten or fifteen years. However, it is not only productivity that you could be losing, your furniture choices could also be affecting the health of your employees causing them to experience aches and pains and even take sick leave. In the worst cases, you may even be taken to court.

Yet all you did was try to save a few dollars on a couple of chairs.

If you work for yourself, say, at home, this is equally if not more important, because if you are the only one in your firm and if you get sick, your company ceases trading, which could have an effect on your kids' schooling, your mortgage, your car payments and your future credit worthiness, if you do not have adequate insurance.

Yet all you did was try to save a few dollars on a couple of chairs.

It is crucial to establish the correct working environment correct from the beginning. If you were a carpenter, you would not buy a rusty, secondhand saw and you would not buy yourself an old 386 computer to work at, so why not apply the same principles to the office furniture? Office furniture costs less than a new computer and will last at least three times longer.

So, which items of furniture will you require to equip an efficient office? Well, it is best to start with the chairs and work up, assuming that the floor is even and not slippery or wet. For the sake of ease we will just talk about you as the one employee using the office.

Whilst you sit on the chair, you should be able to put your feet flat on the floor and there ought to be a back rest. You can go more deeply into it, but they are the minimum requirements. This is why many office chairs are adaptable, because they have to be able to suit a assortment of individuals.

Then the table: it ought to clear your knees by at least six inches, but not be so high that you can not rest your elbows on it without slouching. This will encourage correct posture, which will minimize the danger of backache or wrist pain. The desk or table ought to be big enough to hold all the things that you require to work on or with.

Therefore, you should consider the footprints of your desktop's keyboard and monitor. Perhaps add space for a laptop for file-sharing, a paper notebook, a reference book, pen holder, mobile or other telephone, a coffee mug and whatever else you use to do your job. The desk should not look permanently cluttered up, even if you are a disorganized person.

It is a good idea to have a desk with drawers to hold items that you use regularly. Some desks are equipped with a small filing cabinet at one end and a set of draws at the other. This is handy and can save space in a small, home office. Even if you get one of these desks, you may want a full-sized filing cabinet anyway. That depends on how much paperwork your business uses. A full height cabinet means less bending and you can put the coffee percolator on it.

Then you will require shelving. make certain that the shelving is installed at a height that is comfortable for the person who will use it most often and that there is enough of for predicted future use. Once you have your lovely new office set up and full of nice new equipment, you do not want to have to start drilling holes in the brickwork.

Which brings me to power points. Make sure that you have plenty of them. Have them all around the room. I like to have a double socket just to the left and just to the right of my desk just above desktop height as well - very useful for plugging the laptop into or the phone, or a lamp or a camera, if you require one.


The Ins and Outs of Investing

Want to know the difference of your company's annual report and financial statements means? Well you have come to the right place. I have made a plan on how to teach even a caveman to get rich. How to take the financial statements of a company and carefully analyze them to determine what the stock is truly "worth" will be a simple task after this. I will show you how to make better investing decisions by helping you avoid the costly mistake of purchasing a company when its share price is too high.

You are going to look at why stocks exist and explain how a business goes from being a family-owned company to a "Wal-Mart".

First, you will have to learn what these symbols and words mean. EPS, which stands for earnings per share. In lamens terms this means amount of profit each share has earned, or entitled. GP, this stands for going public. This literally means that a company is going to open up some shares to the public.

Then there is Market Cap, which means the amount of money you would have to pay if you bought every share of stock in a company. To find this out just multiply the amount of shares to share price. Now lets not forget about the most important word, SHARES. A share represents an investor's ownership in a "share" of the profits, losses, and assets of a company. It is created when a business chops itself into pieces and sells them to investors (like you) in exchange for capita. Also with each Publicly shared company there comes a Ticker Symbol.

This is basically a small group of letters that represent the company. For ex. Google.com is GOOG.
While the stock market can be a great source of income for many people, it can also be a tangling mess for others. The average person falls into one of two categories. The first group thinks investing is like gambling. These people are stuck on thinking that you will loose your money if you invest.

More often than not, this group is influenced by experiences from friends and family. The second group is made up of those who know they should invest for the long run, but do not know where to start. Most of the time, these people leave their money to the so-called "Professionals."

Now that you know a little more on how the stock market works, you are going to take a closer peek at the individual stuff that make the market go wild. Understanding this will help you to take lead of the behavior that sometimes affects your portfolio.

Here are a few more terms you need to digest before you can understand a little better. Bear Market the stock market in general has falling prices. Broker: A person who buys or sells shares for you for a nominal fee. Bull Market: Market is rising. Laws of supply and demand adversely affect the stock market.

Now that you know all this let me teach you how to read a balance sheet. You must remember that for every business, there are three important financial statements you must look at. The Balance Sheet, the Income Statement, and the Cash Flow Statement. The balance sheet tells you how much money the company has, how much debt it owes, and what your share is. The cash flow statement is like a business' checking account. It shows you where their money is going. The income statement is a shows the company's profitability. It tells you how much money a corporation has made, or even lost.

These are terms your have to know for a balance sheet. The Annual Report: this is a document released by companies at the end of their fiscal year. Tells you what the CEO and other senior management have discussed about the past year as well as the upcoming year regarding the company. This should include financial documents.

The 10K: This is a document filed with the SEC, which contains a detailed explanation of the business and what it does. (Filed annually) The 10q: The 10q is similar to the 10k, but is filed quarterly. All of this information will help you determine whether or not the company is worth your money.

Ok, I think you are ready to make your own balance sheet now. Pretend that you are going to apply for a home equity loan to remodel your kitchen. The first think your going to do is ask the bank to borrow money. And the first thing the banker asks for is a list of your current finances. This involves a little work. Write down everything you have that is worth something for ex. your checking and savings accounts, mutual funds, house, cars, and other various objects of worth. Then, your going to write down all of your debts.

Things like the mortgage, car payments, and your student loan. Take the debt you owe and subtract that to the things you have of value and now, and you have your net worth. You have created your balance sheet.


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